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About Plasma Wall Panels

2400mm x 1000mm x 60mm
£199 each per week (with 42″ screen)
£299 each per week (with 50″ screen)

Our wall panels can support plasma screens from 32″ up to 50″ in size, of which we can hire and install for you if required. Plasma displays offer a stylish solution to wall mounting plasma TVs, hiding all the interconnecting wires – this type of temporary walling solution is essentially an attractive panel system perfect for presentations, corporate events and anywhere else you want to create a visual impact.

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Plasma Wall Panel Hire

Save space and add some style by creating a video wall with a modern and stylish plasma display at your next corporate event. Plasma displays are the ideal space-saving solution for exhibitions and events, offering high audiovisual impact, as well as removing the need for having a screen on a floor stand taking up valuable floor space.

Hire Plasma Display Panels Today

Flat-panel displays are perfect for your exhibition needs, but there’s no point in purchasing expensive plasma display panels when you can hire them from us. With customisable features such as colouring and video material you show, we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled at the bright colours and superb pixel ratios our TV’s offer.

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Benefits of Plasma Wall Panels
These days, people have become incredibly mobile – and so has technology. Plasma TV screens are compulsory in waiting rooms, reception halls, hotel lobbies, not to mention conference rooms and classrooms.However, a flat-screen LED screen, LCD screen or plasma TV merely hanging on a wall mount or sitting on a floor stand lacks elegance or innovation, especially when the numerous cables that are used to connect it to other appliances are on show.

Functional Design Features

And even when these cables are hidden away, it still doesn’t render the installation any more decorative or innovative than your TV screen on the wall at home. Using our state-of-the-art plasma panelling, installing a flat-screen TV on a wall becomes effortless and versatile. The construction provides a well-organised and suitable interconnection of various appliances and includes fantastic cable concealment – your display is instantly elevated to professional status.

Stand out at any event with our plasma displays.

Whether it’s to make an impression at a trade show or present a new product to your board, a flat panel display can enhance your presentation and the best screens offer stunning picture quality. Every single element of your video will benefit from advanced digital technology and we can offer a range of sizes, including large-screen plasma TVs.

Incredible Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality, plasma TV screens have so much to offer. The clarity of each image means people can enjoy the visuals from a range of viewing angles and as display technologies continue to evolve, each television will have more power.

One of the key benefits of plasma panels is their brightness levels. Each will work perfectly to enhance your exhibition and red, green and blue colours will especially look incredible on TV screens of large sizes.

Hire Plasma Panel Equipment from Conex Temporary Walling

If you require other temporary walling panels, our system is the perfect complete hiring solution as the plasma wall panels interlock with our other wall panels to create continuous solid walls and/or booths, perfect for creating a slick, sophisticated and stylish first impression to both new and existing customers alike.

Unlike most other temporary wall hire companies, we let you stick, screw and pin onto all of our hired equipment, as we fully refurbish them after every event, meaning even though your temporary walling solutions are only hired, they can still be truly bespoke to you and your company.

Should you require any lighting and AV to enhance your audiovisual extravaganza or any other extras in addition to your plasma screen hire, we can help.

Give one of our advisors a call – they’ll be more than happy to help.

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Delivery, Installation and Removal

We offer a delivery, installation and removal service along with a picture hanging, the costs depend on how many panels you hire and the location. You are also welcome to collect our panels and set them up yourself.

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