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About Slat Walls

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2m high x 1m wide

If you’re exhibiting at an event, kitting out your stand with the correct fixtures and layout is no easy task, especially if you don’t know where to start, or what temporary walling options you require.

You just know that you want a temporary walling system that is robust and high quality, that won’t break easily and always looks professional. But, it also needs to adjust to your ever changing inventory and layout updates.

Conex Temporary Walling’s slatwall panels (or slatboard panels as they are also known) are an excellent choice and will truly complement your exhibition display. Our slatwall displays are ideal for displaying smaller items, plus our slatwall panels include a complete range of accessories, such as shelves, slatwall panel inserts, additional extras and optional lighting to help you exhibit your products in style.

Go on; hire your slatwall panels and accessories from us today.

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What is a Slatwall?

Slatwall display panels are frequently used as a wall covering in shops or exhibitions, in fact they’re the most commonly used merchandise display system in the UK. They create shelves that are easily reconfigured as and when required.

Slatwall boards are a structure characterised by horizontal grooves – otherwise known as slats – that are carved into the wood into which slatwall inserts fit. These come in a wide range of types, including wall panels and freestanding fixtures.

Slatwall panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your marketing needs and to tie in with your decor. From plain finishes to wood, or metal, and combined with our slatwall inserts means you can create a truly unique display.

You can use slatwall panels alongside attachments such as shelves that hook, with slatwall inserts, comfortably into the slats. This means you can revamp your slatwall display in seconds, with no requirement for any tools. Quick, easy and at low prices, our slatwall panels are a great affordable display option.

Slatwalls are the most practical temporary walling solution on the market and look wonderful too – no retail display would be complete without them. Slatwall display systems makes a truly one-off stand display, brilliant for displaying hanging products such as clothing, homeware, toys and tools.

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Benefits of Slatwalling

So why is slatwall one of the most popular fittings and displays used by retailers across the globe?


Slatwalls have a remarkable life span, are hard to damage, and can hold bulkier goods better than other fixtures, particularly when metal accessory rails are fitted into the channels.


Easy on the pocket, slatwall panels are priced reasonably, unless you opt for higher rated boards with custom finishes.


You can choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes, finishes, and types of attachments to create a display unique to your company and its values.


There are more ways than one to use slatwalls, whether they’re used in retail display to hang confectionery, beauty products, food, clothing or brochures, or at events to showcase your wares, they’re a great option for all industries.

Easy to Use

There’s no need for a toolbox with slatwall displays. As soon as you’ve fitted your fixtures and panels, all you need to do is hook on your accessories to begin your marketing.

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Why Hire Slatwall Display Panels?

Our UK slatwall panels are perfect for retail displays and exhibitions, as art display walls, at charity events and for store use. They come with a wide range of options to display merchandise, from prong rails and shelves to euro retail rails and d rails.

Because sometimes you just don’t need to purchase display panels, particularly if you’re only going to be using them for a short period of time. So investing heavily in display stands that you aren’t going to use regularly is just a waste of money. Which is why our slatwall display panels are the panels you need.

You get to reduce your costs and stress levels by hiring only the equipment you need and then handing it back again when you’re finished with it. In fact, we can make the whole situation even easier by delivering the panels, setting them up and then collecting them at the end of the exhibition for you. Minimal fuss, maximum impact.

Plus, all of our slatwall display panels are manufactured from high quality materials, so they are guaranteed to last however long you need to hire them for and then some.

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How Does Slatwalling Work?

Basically, slatwall shelves use the walls of your shop or exhibition space to display your wares, leaving the floor space free for customers to browse your products. This means that by hanging the products you want to publicise, they are at eye level and will stand out and be on true show to your buyers.

You can either use one of our expert hire specialist contractors to build your slatwall exhibition stand or you can build your slatwall panels with slatwall accessories yourself.

Our slatwall panels can be screwed into rawl plugs that you insert into the wall behind. They really are very simple to put together and once erect, you are limited only by your imagination in how you want to display your products.

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