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Exhibition Day Hire and Pop Up Shops

Pop up shops, mid-week exhibitions, one-day events and press launches don’t necessarily require a full display panel service or exhibition build for a full week. To help cater for the demand for short term deployments, Conex has introduced a day hire service giving quick turnaround at affordable prices.

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What Are Pop Up Shops?

Pop up shops are taking the world by storm, with businesses finding inventive ways to use existing space. They’ve become a popular marketing strategy for retailers looking to advertise their brand and new products.

Pop-up shops are not too expensive to hire and can be easily transported across different venues. They have a professional appearance that businesses can trust to earn them more customers.

But what makes a great pop-up shop? A good dose of creativity, forward planning in addition to a venue are all important considerations. How will you entice the people you see as your customers?

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Why Might I Need a Short-Term Exhibition Display Stand for Hire?

So, you’re launching a brand. Or maybe you’re introducing a new product? Pop up shops, mid-week exhibitions or one-day events don’t necessarily require a full display panel or exhibition service. That’s why Conex has introduced a day hire service giving a quick turnaround at affordable prices.

Putting on an exhibition is exciting! Especially when you are launching a brand new company or product!

Conex is passionate about producing exhibition walling solutions that make a difference to a company. We want to help businesses gain customers by presenting them with a fantastic exhibition stand.

We provide you’ll need for your one-day seminars, bespoke events, auctions, conferences and shows. Wherever you are in the UK or Europe and in any type of venue. Why not give us a call to discuss your event? We’re sure we’ll be able to help you create the perfect exhibition space.

We’ve got various exhibition display solutions available for various businesses. Our choice of walling includes temporary walling for a pop-up exhibition, temporary partitions and more.

We also offer various exhibition accessories including lighting and AV, illuminated furniture, plinth hire and more.

Our unparalleled know-how in the creation and design of engaging retail interiors makes us the ideal companion for pop up shops, exhibitions and events.

Essentially, we want our exhibition stands to help you gain customers and generate sales!

Our experience in major exhibition venues with a huge range of businesses means we can put up our exhibition walling professionally and quickly.

In fact, we have become so efficient at putting up exhibition stands, our pop-up shops have never been so popular.

What Makes a Good Pop Up Shop?

Across the United Kingdom, businesses are embracing pop up stores as temporary retail solutions. But what makes a successful pop-up shop?


Location is everything. Whether you choose a shopping centre, industrial estate or an exhibition, your physical space matters. It defines whether people will access your pop-up shop and sets the tone for potential customers.

Decide on Your Goal

Is your goal to build a presence with your audience? Or, do you want to promote a new product? Understanding your goals enable you to attract the right customers and create an impression.

Many brands in New York and Los Angeles use pop up stores to promote their brick and mortar shops, and it’s a great way to expand your business to new regions without spending a lot of money.

When you know your goals, you’ll be able to choose the right set-up for your temporary retail shop – or restaurant.

Make it a Memorable Experience

The single, most important aspect of a successful pop-up store is how you market it. Everything from the overall design to minor elements should be perfect – especially if the local media will be present.

It’s also important to remember that you’ll be competing with other stores, especially if you’re showcasing your business at an exhibition.

Wifi and digital elements such as a plasma TV are all critical, and some people add free gifts to their pop up shop.

We Specialise in Pop-Ups

At Conex, we specialise in providing temporary walling solutions for businesses of all sizes. Pop up shops are a central part of our service, and we aim to provide you with the essential fixtures and elements you need to bring the concept to life.

If you’re looking for a fully customisable storefront, we can help. Our exhibition stands and temporary walls are fully customisable, so you can get creative and make an impression at any event.

Excellent Features For Your Launch

Whether your exhibition is in central London or the Scottish highlands, making the right impression is everything. Many brands fail to think about how vital their stand is, but influencers that attend shows will be more willing to partner with brands that show their commitment to building something incredible.

All you have to do is look at examples of the brand and influencer relationships to see how important it is. You should always be willing to take a risk with your design and features, but the most significant risk of all is failing to portray your ideas at an exhibition.

Our range of solutions includes traditional exhibition stands, shelving solutions for an eCommerce to showcase new products or a digital experience to convey your idea of fashion trends. We can help you source the right equipment for storefronts and ensure you’ll make a permanent impression.

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Costs for Exhibition Day Hire

Conex Temporary Walling Systems supplies an unrivalled array of equipment to suit all your short-term needs.

Costs for our day hire service vary depending on your use of panels, schedule, and other variables. Contact us or call us on 07742957684 to discuss your requirements

Looking to hire exhibition wallingart display standsslat wallsexhibition stands or perhaps plinths for a longer period of time? No problem. Our dedicated team of designers, carpenters, project managers and fitters consistently produce high-quality walling and exhibition projects all over the UK and Europe.

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