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Giant Dry Wipe Boards Panel

£55.00 per section

Giant dry wipe boards either individual panels 2.4 m high and 1m wide – both sides of the panel can be used –

They can be linked together to create large walls – like a giant wipe board!

Great for caricaturists and brain storming meetings – excellent for feedback from audiences without the need for flip chart pads and or post it notes! to record and keep the feedback just take a pic!

Unlike most other gallery walling panel companies we are happy for you to screw, pin, nail and stick directly on to our panels, as we give them a complete makeover when they are returned back to us. But don’t worry, all our art panels are then fully checked, filled, sanded and repainted as necessary, all ready for the next installation.
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White boards to suit every need, perfect for the office or home…

Did you ever write on the walls when you were a child? It most likely got you into a bit of bother, right? With our ultra large wipe walls, it’s encouraged! One of our best-selling products, our dry wipe walls are oh-so-versatile – their uses are plentiful and varied.

A must in office environments, classrooms, hospitals, kitchens, training rooms or even a teen’s bedroom, our large white boards measure in at 2.4 metres high with a width of 1 metre. They really are the ultimate solutions for those times when you need to make notes but don’t want the nuisance of flimsy (and often easy-to-lose) flip chart pads or post-it notes.

Share Your Ideas with Ease

Our giant dry wipe boards are great, whether you’re leaving a note, brainstorming, presenting or teaching. A whiteboard is a wonderful, effortless way to share your ideas in style.

Easy to Clean

It couldn’t be easier to clean – simply wipe it across with an eraser for a pristine surface.

Simple to Erect

Easy to rig up, our dry erase whiteboards can be used to create large walls, just like a giant wipe board.

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Delivery, Installation and Removal

We offer a full delivery, installation and removal service, the costs depend on how many panels you hire and the location. You are also welcome to collect our panels and set the up your self.

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